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Free eBay and Amazon Playbook Apps (must be sideloaded)

*Note! These are not official eBay or Amazon apps, not sanctioned by eBay or Amazon, and I am not affiliated with them in any way. They're also not as fully featured as an official Amazon or eBay app would be, because they're made FOR FREE by someone not affiliated with or paid by (unfortunately lol) eBay or Amazon.

After 4 months or so of arguing with BlackBerry App World, they have decided that a url is "content" and cannot be used without permission (a legal stance which I disagree with based on my, albeit limited, understanding of IP law). As a result, the apps I submitted for an and eBay launcher (despite containing custom icons and no actual copyrighted content) have been denied by BlackBerry App World.

But that doesn't mean I can't distribute them here. Please note that these .bar files have to be sideloaded onto your Playbook. If you don't know how to do that, you should (1) google it and (2) complain to RIM that these apps weren't approved.

Download original versions (with eBay and Amazon icons):



Download denied App World versions (with custom icons):



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Free BlackBerry Protect Launcher for Playbook released on App World.

This morning after 4 months of delay, RIM finally approved a simple application for the BlackBerry Playbook - Launcher for BlackBerry Protect.

The product description reads:

There's an amazing tool for locating, backing up, and protecting your BlackBerry® Smartphone. It's called BlackBerry® Protect.
This BlackBerry® PlayBook™ application is a companion to that awesome application, allowing you to access RIM's online control panel for Protect quickly and easily.
Remotely locate your BlackBerry® Smartphone, lock it, display a message on your homes screen, make your BlackBerry® give a loud alert, or in case of emergency lock or wipe your BlackBerry® remotely.
*Note: you must have BlackBerry® Protect installed on your BlackBerry® Smartphone to use this BlackBerry® PlayBook™ app.

You can download this app directly fromApp World at

Also, if you want a version that uses the BlackBerry Protect Logo (which App World wouldn't approve) you can download it directly from HERE (requires side loading).

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Montreal Quebec and Elkhart Indiana Scanner apps updated

This morning BlackBerry App World approved updates for scanners for Montreal Quebec and Elkhart Indiana.

Unfortunately the Police Scanner for Quebec was discontinued by RadioReference; the app was switched to scan frequencies for the Montreal Fire Department.

The Elkhart Scanner was also updated, although the Goshen police frequencies had to be removed.

Both apps should be working again after downloading these updates (which are free of charge).

It may take 24-48 hours for the update to show on your BlackBerry device.

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Welcome to SCrApps

Like the rest of the site, this page is a work in progress.

I'll be updating this blog whenever there's an update or a new app release. Right now there's not much going on because I'm pretty busy with school, but new apps and updates will hopefully be coming out soon. If you want to leave a comment, just login with your Twitter, Facebook, Google Account, or whatever you want to use.

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