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App Drawer available now on App World

App Drawer was just released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. Get it in App World at Buy App Drawer - Download App Drawer - Buy Apps from BlackBerry App World for only $0.99.

App Drawer is an app that puts all the main system apps of your BlackBerry PlayBook into one convenient place. The App World Description:

The BlackBerry App World is an ever-expanding playground of new applications. Which is awesome, except sometimes it can make it hard to find a specific app you're looking for.
Well App Drawer is here to help! Using a simple yet elegant interface, App Drawer puts all your system PlayBook Apps into one convenient place.
App Drawer currently gives you easy access to the following apps:
Compose New Email
Video Camera
Video Chat (Video Chat only partially supported)
App World
Bing Maps
Music Store
PlayBook File Browser
Print To Go (not fully supported)
Settings (including quick access to each settings menu, including wifi, bluetooth, bridge, etc)
and Bridge Apps (Bridge Email, BBM, Contacts, Calendar, Memopad, and Tasks).

App Drawer should be BB10 compatible when BB10 launches, assuming RIM allows access to the API to launch other apps that the PlayBook currently has in BB10 devices (the Dev Alpha supports a few of them). Check the rest of the article for more pics.

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Tablet TV 3.0, redisigned

Bit late of a post here, but I just recently updated my site to make it more relevant, and I figure that included updating the blog.

Tablet TV 3.0 was recently pushed to App World, and is now available. This update includes a whole new UI. This update was planned to be completed prior to the launch of BB10, but had to be done early due to issues which arose in the PlayBook OS2 Beta.

For those of you who already own Tablet TV, the update is free. For those of you who don't, or are on the Free version, the paid version is now only $0.99 (the equivalent of about 6 minutes of work at minimum wage in the US - for only 6 minutes, you can own this awesome app!). You can download it from For those of you who don't wish to purchase the full version, the Free version has also been updated.

Also, the launch page for SCrApps ( has received a make over. Head on over to the main page and check it out!

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